Roles & Expectations Recording Form

The foundation of a successful professional relationship between a cooperating teacher (CT or CI) and a student teacher (ST) begins with sharing expectations for how each partner will perform their individual roles. By following the steps below, you can open this conversation. Use this form as a place to record each participant’s agreed-upon expectations. Consider this activity a way to refine your job descriptions.

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Protocol & Form...

  • Meet before the placement begins to get comfortable with each other.
  • Discuss what both parties expect to learn from the placement (i.e., goals).
  • Discuss how the student teacher thinks the CT can help her/him reach these goals.
  • Discuss how the CT expects to fulfill each role.
  • Negotiate any changes in the roles and expectations.
  • Make sure that both the CT and ST have a copy of the Roles & Expectations Recording Form.
Cooperating Teacher (CT) Expectations: Student Teacher (ST) Expectations:
We agree that the key roles of a CT are: We agree that the key roles of an ST are:
CT: I expect to fulfill my roles by doing the following ST: I expect to fulfill my roles by doing the following:
  ST: Types of support that might be helpful to me

Misbeliefs about student teaching


student teacherDefinitely she wanted me to find my own groove in terms of how I like to run things, while still maintaining her order in the classroom." - Veronica Rabadan, Student Teacher