vsaia student design competition 2007
>> submission requirements

The competition begins on Friday, January 26 @ 5pm and concludes on Monday, January 29 @ 9am. Each school will select one first prize and up to seven finalists to go to the final jury in Richmond. VSAIA competition rules require that all work must be generated by a single author – no collective projects are allowed.

Complete the following required drawings, site plan as temporal strategy, floor plans, elevations and section, and interior perspectives with additional drawings/texts/specifications for construction as desired. Work in any medium [paper/computer, etc.] you prefer. Mount your work on a single 20”x30” board [max. total thickness ¼”: no models accepted].

Securely fasten an unlabeled sealed envelope on the back that contains your name/school and e-mail address. The author’s name and school affiliation may not appear [unconcealed] anywhere on the board.