Henry M. Wilbur

Message to Prospective Graduate Students:

I am no longer accepting doctoral students in anticipation of retirement before 2014 when I reach 70. I encourage perspective students to visit the web pages of other population biologists in the Biology Department and pages of my former students who have positions at universities with doctoral programs.

Message to Prospective Undergraduate Research Students:

UVa Students:
All my field research is at Mountain Lake Biological Station (MLBS) where I spend from very early May until mid-August. Students that wish to do field research should apply for the MLBS NSF/REU research program that supports ten weeks of independent study at the station in the summer and pays room, board, and a generous stipend. REU students working with me or my graduate students can receive credit for independent study in the academic year.

It is possible to design a modeling project or tree-ring research with me during the academic year without spending the summer at the station.

Non UVa Students:
My primary mechanism for support of non-UVa students in the summer is the NSF/REU Undergraduate Research Program at Mountain Lake Biological Station. This program is open to US Citizens who are returning in the fall to work on an undergraduate degree. The applicant pool is national in scope and generally is greater than 150 for the 10-12 available positions. Most competitive students have had courses in ecology, evolution, or behavior. We also look for outdoor experience. Applications from sophomores and juniors are most competitive. Our “alumni” have an excellent record of going on to doctoral programs in ecology or evolution, many with NSF Graduate Fellowships. Some of these have moved into faculty positions at top-ranked universities and three have returned to MLBS to teach summer courses.

REU positions are available with some of my current students and with my wife Becky and me. Becky and I study forest dynamics as described in my research projects. My students and I have had well over 50 REU students since I started the program in 1992.

Examples of previous REU students and their research


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