Henry M. Wilbur

Recent REU students mentored by Henry and Becky Wilbur:

Click on the student's name to see an abstract of their project

2008: Redmond, Miranda (University of California, Berkeley): Recruitment and dominance of Quercus alba and Quercus rubra in a previous Oak-Chestnut forest from the 1980s to present.

2007: Nelson, Lori (University of Virginia): The differential response of tree species to forest disturbances.

2006: Long, Jessica (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill): Community change resulting from the hemlock wooly adelgid.

2005: Gittman, Rachel (University of Virginia): Factors influencing the survival and growth of Acer pensylvanicum L. seedlings.

2003: Richardson, Jonathan (University of Virginia): Phenotypic plasticity and the false allee effect.

2002: Aguilar, Kelly (Smith College): Density and frequency dependent sexual selection in the Forked Fungus Beetle (Bolitotherus cornutus).

2002: Conner, Cristin (University of Virginia): Forest regeneration: Canopy tree seedling interaction with Thelypteris noveboracensis.


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