Wilbur Alumni
Post-Doctoral and Sabbatical Associates
Graduate Students

James P. Collins
Reid N. Harris
Mathew A. Leibold
William J. Resetarits, Jr.
Raymond D. Semlitsch
Larissa L. Bailey
Don Church

Patrice M. Ludwig, Ph.D. Resource quality and life history evolution in Bolitotherus cornutus.

Volker H. W. Rudolf, Ph.D. The influence of cannibalism and size structure on aquatic food webs.

Linda E. Green, Ph.D. Ecology of Plethodontid salamanders in acidic headwater streams in Virginia.

Johanna M. Kraus, Ph.D. Reciprocal subsidies to arthropod food webs at a pond-forest boundary.

Gregory R. Ruthig, Ph.D. Influence of disease on amphibian life history traits.

Erikka E. Conrad, M.S. Effects of tail loss in Plethodon cinereus, the red-backed salamander.

Don Church, Ph.D. Spatial ecology of pond-breeding amphibians.

Jennifer A. Secki, on leave. Life history evolution in Plethodon cinereus.

Scott L. Freeman, Ph.D. Movement of larval Desmognathus quadramaculatus.

Erica J. Crespi, Ph.D. Ecological endocrinology of reproduction in Plethodon.

Leslie J. Rissler, Ph.D. Phylogeography and ecology of Desmognathus.

Gina Pisoni, M.S. Predator-prey interactions of the red-spotted newt Notophthalmus viridescens and bullfrog tadpoles Rana catesbeiana.

Mark C. Grover, Ph.D. The influence of species interactions and moisture gradients on the distribution and habitat use of plethodontid salamanders.

At Duke University:
Mark P. Gustafson, Ph.D. Interactions among size-structured populations in a salamander guild.

Joseph H. K. Pechmann, Ph.D. Interactions among regulatory processes among life history stages.

Patricia Harris, Ph.D. Community-wide consequences of single-species perturbations in experimental aquatic systems.

Steven A. McCollum, Ph.D. Ecological consequences of predator-induced polyphenism in larval hylid frogs.

Joseph Bernardo, Ph.D. Ecological genetics of growth and maturity in the salamander, Desmognathus ochrophaeus.

Peter B. Pearman, M.S. and Ph.D. The ecology of patch habitat: Effects of pond size on experimental tadpole populations.

John E. Fauth, Ph.D. Ecological and evolutionary interactions between larval amphibians.

Josh VanBuskirk, Ph.D. Density-dependence and population regulation in dragonflies.

Jeffery Leimberger, Ph.D. The effects of short-term temperature fluctuations on interactions within an amphibian assemblage.

William J. Resetarits, Jr., Ph.D. Ecological interactions among predators in headwater stream communities.

Reid N. Harris, Ph.D. Ecological, morphological, and genetic aspects of a life-history polymorphism in the broken-striped newt, Notophthalmus viridescens dorsalis.

W. Dean Kaiser, M.S. The effect of larval Notophthalmus viridescens predation gradients upon zooplankton community structure.

Ross A. Alford, Ph.D. Effects of variation in phenology, genotype, and body size on the ecology of aquatic amphibians.

R. Christopher Chambers, Ph.D. Competition and predation in temporary habitats.

Andrew F. Taylor, Ph.D. Larval competition and ovipositional responses in the gregarious parasitoid Bracon hebetor, and the effects of host species and size.

Sarah M. Gladstone, Ph.D. Ecological processes influencing the abundance, regulation and distribution on an herbivore, Crocidophora pustiliferales on the bamboo, Arundinarea gigantea.

Alexander F. Motten, Ph.D. Pollination ecology of the spring wildflower community in the deciduous forests of Piedmont North Carolina. (Co-chair with Donald Stone, Dept. of Botany).

Peter J. Morin, Ph.D. Predation and composition of temporary pond communities.

Joseph Travis, Ph.D. Ecological genetics of larval development in hylid frogs.

David Wrobel, M.S. An experimental study of life history variation in the cladoceran, Simocephalus serrulatus.

Laura Reinertson Meagher, Ph.D. The influence of Darwinian thought upon biological thought of the late nineteenth century. (Co-chair with Seymour Mauskopf, Dept. of History).

Joseph P. Martin, Ph.D. Biochemical, ecological and genetic studies on glucose-6-phosphate isomerase allozymes and acclimation studies on adductor muscle phosphofructokinase of the American oyster, Crassostrea virginica. (Co-chair with J. Bolling Sullivan, Dept. of Biochemistry).

Susan F. Dakin, Ph.D. The influence of interspecific competition on the microhabitat distribution of terrestrial lungless salamanders in the Southern Appalachian Mountains.

Kurt F. Steinwascher, Ph.D. Ecological interactions between Rana clamitans tadpoles and the coevolved parasitic yeast Candida humicola.

Raymond J. Barnett, Ph.D. Interactions between tree squirrels and oaks & hickories: The ecology of seed predation.


















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