In December 2001 the Joint Genome Institute of the Department of Energy made the decision to sequence the Xenopus tropicalis genome.  The project will begin in mid-2002 and it is anticipated that the first 2X coverage of the genome will be available within a year!  Details of the project will be posted as they become available.


On February 10, 2002 a White Paper on the X. Tropicalis genome project was submitted to NIH.  This proposal (link below) presents a justification for the project, in response to a list of questions from the Genome Institute at NIH, and describes in outline the plan from the Joint Genome Institute.  The request to NIH was submitted to augment the effort from JGI.


            For questions regarding the genome project, please contact Richard Harland (harland@socrates.berkeley.edu) or Rob Grainger (grainger@virginia.edu)

X. Tropicalis Genome Project (MS Word)
X. Tropicalis Genome Project (Adobe Acrobat)




            A large-insert X. tropicalis BAC library is now under construction, following submission and review of a White Paper to justify this effort (link below).  For questions regarding the BAC library, please contact Rob Grainger (grainger@virginia.edu).

BAC White Paper (MS Word)

BAC White Paper (Adobe Acrobat)