This material is NOT currently on the regular husbandry pages, so listen up!

1. Frogs imprint on certain foods. We have found that animals fed exclusively live foods (blackworms, particularly)
during early froglet stages will not eat frog brittle or other non-live foods later in development, or at least will not do
so readily. This can be a risk for very young froglets who cannot survive for more than a few days without eating.
We recommend feeding both live food AND pellets soon after metamorphosis, either together or on alternating
days, to expose animals to a variety of food types.

2. pH Problem in Mods. We have found a rapid drop in pH in our modular frog units when they are fully loaded with frogs.
This may be due to rapid nitrification and a subsequent accumulation of nitrite and increase in acidity. We found that not
changing the water for one weekend caused the pH to drop to 4 and resulted in the die-off of a significant number of animals.
We recommend carefully monitoring the pH in your mods and changing the water daily if possible.