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Screening males for mutations using frozen sperm and TILLING

Males are screened through a complementary, reverse genetics method employing a TILLING strategy
(t argeting i nduced l ocal l esions i n g enomes). ENU F1 males are sacrificed, tissue from the heart taken, and their sperm cryopreserved. In a collaboration with Dr. Derek Stemple's lab at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in England (, the samples are sequenced at several different genes of interest to look for mutant variants of the coding sequence. Please see Dr. Stemple's website for more information on this method or refer to the publication from the Stemple and Zimmerman labs1.
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Sperm freezing

1Goda T, Abu-Daya A, Carruthers C, Clark MD, Stemple DL, et al. (2006) Genetic screens for mutations affecting development of Xenopus tropicalis . PloS Genet 2(6):e91.



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Last update: Feb. 13, 2008