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Our laboratory uses transgenic Xenopus embryos and adults for a variety of end uses, such as gene expression studies, enhancer analysis, promotor analysis, etc. We have modified the original transgenic protocol described by Amaya and Kroll (1996) to increase consistency and efficiency, as required for high-throughput analyses and developed a new transgenic method utilizing the restriction enzyme Sce I1, which is especially useful for high-throughput work when a low copy number of insertions is desirable. The latter procedure is also quite straightforward and causes little or no damage to embryos, facilitating the generation of permanent transgenic lines.


Updated Amaya and Kroll Transgenic Protocol

Sce I Transgenic Protocol (coming soon)



1Ogino H, McConnell WB, Grainger RM. Nat Protoc. 2006;1(4):1703-10


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Last update: Feb. 13, 2008