I received my M.D. degree with emphasis on Internal Medicine at the National University of Trujillo in Peru, where I could also get some clinical research experience in the area of  metabolic syndrome and related disorders. Latin American countries have undergone economic growth-related lifestyle changes that have been paralleled by a dramatic increase in mortality from coronary heart disease, occasionating that 80% of the global burden from cardiovascular disease now occurs in developing countries.

My long-term goal is to become a physician-scientist and pursue an academic medical career that incorporates the three aspects of Medicine: patient care, teaching and research. To accomplish this, I am currently gaining research experience in the Yan Lab at the Robert Berne Cardiovascular Research Cente, and my research will focus on the implications of oxidative stress in health and disease. I chose the University of Virginia because it offers both accessibility to the latest technology and the possibility of outstanding research training. In the near future, I play to apply for residency and fellowship to eventually become an Interventional Cardiologist.

Jean A. Donet, M.D.
Researchl Fellow

Phone: (434)982-4473, Fax: (434)982-3139, e-mail: jad2km@virginia.edu


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