Lindsey joined the lab summer of 2010 as a part of an undergraduate summer research internship program. She is currently a senior at the University of Florida majoring in Biotechnology and has been named 2010 Eli Lilly Scholar. She has a strong research interest in physiolog y and medicine.

Her prior research with Dr.Peter Adhihetty at the University of Florida in the department of physiology and kinesiology  focuse s on the cellular and molecular mechanisms that regulate the function of mitochondria as well as mitochondria -mediated cell death. She also spent a summer researching under Dr. Jim Baleja at Tufts University in the department of biochemistry and molecular biology. Her research focused on the isolation and analysis of the Reps2 protein and its structure .

She will focus on acquiring an understanding the role of mitochondrial ROS in metabolic impairment in the setting of lipid overload. She will work with Dr. Yasir Akhtar to test the hypothesis that mitochondrial permeability transition is involved in high fat diet induced mitochondrial dysfunction . She will be involved with developing novel assays to test this hypothesis.

Lindsey Myers
Summer Student

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