Skeletal muscle is responsible for 70-80% of insulin-dependent glucose disposal. Therefore, muscle adaptations either to increased levels of contractile activity (e.g. exercise), or to disuse and metabolic insults (e.g. oxidative stress and high-fat diet) have critical impacts on peripheral insulin sensitivity, whole-body metabolic status and cardiovascular disease risk. My research interest is on the mechanisms of skeletal muscle metabolic adaptation to exercise and to metabolic insults that can lead to insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease.
I received my PhD in 2008 from the University of Florida. My dissertation studies focused on the mechanisms by which Nitric Oxide (NO), at low levels, positively regulates AMPK signaling, impacting PGC-1alpha expression and causing GLUT4 and mitochondrial genes to be upregulated in skeletal muscle.
In the Yan Lab I’ve been involved in two lines of research: a) the role of the different isoforms of p38MAPK (α, β, γ) in skeletal muscle adaptation; and b) the role of autophagy in skeletal muscle physiology. The ultimate goal of these experiments is to identify and characterize potential pharmacological targets for therapies aiming at improving muscle function and metabolic efficiency.

Vitor A. Lira, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral Fellow

Phone: (434)982-4473, Fax: (434)982-3139, e-mail:


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