Yasir joined the lab in the summer of 2009 as a cardiology research fellow. He obtained his medical degree from the Aga Khan University in Pakistan and completed his internship and residency training at Indiana University and continued to work as clinical faculty. He had been working as a research assistant at the University of Chicago prior to joining UVA. His prior work has focused on the impact of inflammation and fuel selectivity on mitochondrial structure and function in human aortic endothelial cells and differentiating mesenchymal stem cells.

Mitochondria play a critical role in cardiac function and are also increasingly recognized as end effectors for various cardioprotective signaling pathways. There has been a resurgence of interest in mitochondria in control of cell death. Mitochondria are the major source of ROS and their generation during prolonged ischemia and subsequent reperfusion is known to contribute to tissue injury. Yasir will focus on understanding the role of mitochondrial ROS in metabolic impariment in the setting of lipid overload.

Yasir Naeem Akhtar, M.D.
Cardiology Fellow

Phone: (434)982-4473, Fax: (434)982-3139, e-mail: yna2d@virginia.edu

Alam M, Akhtar YN, Ali SS, Ahmed M, Atiq M et al. Seasonal variation in bacterial pathogens isloated from the stool samples in Karachi, Pakistan. Journal of Pakistan Medical Association.2003 Mar; 53(1): 125-9. Cited in PubMed; PMID: 12779031.