Mar. 19, 2019---A n invited review by Mr. Yuntian Guan and Dr. Josh Drake entitled: "Exercise-Induced Mitophagy in Skeletal Muscle and Heart" accepted by ESSR.

New Finding

Genetic screen reveals that Atg2-Atg18/Atg9, a protein complex with function to recruit autophagic membranes, plays a critical role in maintaining mitochondrial integrity and heart and muscle functions in Drosophila. (J Mol Cell Cardiol on Dec. 14, 2018)

New Member

Qing (Jane) Yu has a combination of nursing and computer science background with 16 years of research experience in biomedical research, particularly in the area of muscular disorders. Welcome, Jane!!

New Method

Fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) shows heterogeneous decay rate of the fluorescence in a C2C12 myoblast transfected with pmitoABKAR. a FRET reporter gene for mitoAMPK.

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