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Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Chongzhi Zang, PhD

Office: West Complex, Room 6131C
Phone: 434-243-5397
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Dr. Chongzhi Zang is an Assistant Professor in the Center for Public Health Genomics, University of Virginia. He holds faculty appointments in Department of Public Health Sciences, Department of Biomedical Engineering, and Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics at the UVA School of Medicine. He is also a faculty member of the UVA Cancer Center and the Data Science Institute. Chongzhi received his BS in physics from Peking University and PhD in physics from the George Washington University. He did his undergraduate research in high-field laser physics with Jie Zhang at the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and his PhD research in computational biophysics with Weiqun Peng and Keji Zhao at the National Institutes of Health. Prior to joining UVA, he completed his postdoctoral training with Xiaole Shirley Liu at Harvard University's Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Chongzhi is a computational biologist with expertise in cancer epigenomics. His research focuses on algorithm development for high-throughput genomic data analytics and integrative modeling of gene regulatory networks in mammalian cell systems.

Postdoctoral Associates

Zhenjia Wang, PhD

Office: West Complex, Suite 6131
Phone: 434-297-5236

Zhenjia joined the lab as a postdoctoral research associate in January 2017. She received her PhD in bioinformatics from School of Mathematics, Shandong University in China. She is working on integration of publicly available transcription factor ChIP-seq data for studying functional gene regulation, and integration of RNA-seq data with ChIP-seq data for studying mechanisms of fusion transcripts in cancer.

Sheng'en Shawn Hu, PhD

Office: West Complex, Suite 6131

Dr. Sheng'en Shawn Hu is a postdoctoral research associate starting November 2017. Before joining UVA, he completed his PhD training in bioinformatics from School of Life Science and Technology, Tongji University in China, and was a visiting student at Harvard University. He is working on developing computatinoal methodology of integrating high-throughput chromatin accessibility data for studying functional gene regulation.

Graduate Students

Yushan Feng


Yushan Feng holds Bachelor degrees in both Statistics and Computer Science. He is spending his fourth year at UVA in the M.S. Statistics program. Interested in applying statistical skills in biomedical research, he looks forward to learning more about bioinformatics. He is also working to learning more about computational methods and how they are applied in research. In his spare time, he enjoys music, football, movies, literature, politics, and all the other things that make life fascinating.

Yifan Zhang


Yifan will join the lab in Fall 2018 as a Ph.D. student in Biomedical Engineering at UVA. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis. Yifan is a violinist in training. He also enjoys playing tennis and aerial photography with quadcopter drones.

Visiting Scholars/Students

Rong-quan He, MD

Office: West Complex, Suite 6131

Rong-quan joined the lab as a visiting scholar in April 2018. He is currently a PhD candidate in biochemistry and molecular biology at Guangxi Medical University in China. After completing his medical training, he worked as a resident physician in the Department of Oncology at the Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University. He used to involve in a research project with big data mining, and now he is working on integrative analysis of RNA-seq data and ChIP-seq data in cancer.

Undergraduate Students

Yayi Feng


Yayi Feng is a Second Year student in the University of Virginia. Her intended major is Biology, potentially minoring in Computer Science and Economics. She enjoys volunteering and helping others, and is currently a volunteer in the Madison House Medical Service Program and the CASH program. As a research volunteer in the lab, Yayi is interested in learning more about how computational methods can be used to study human genomics and the effect of these findings on the medical field.

Javier Valcarcel


Javier is a Third Year Statistics major interested in the intersection of statistical computing, medicine and health. He is a runner, Raspberry Pi tinkerer, proud owner of a flip phone and happily married to Meghan.

John Zhang


John Zhang is a Second Year Biology / Computer science major at UVA. His hometown however, is Blacksburg Virginia, home of Virginia Tech. His main interests in school are science, especially biology and chemistry. Outside of school, John is involved in different sports and likes to volunteer and tutor students through Madison House. As a lab researcher John is very excited to help analyze data, especially since he sees himself working either as a physician or somewhere else in the public health sector after graduating.

Stephany Perez-Rojas


Stephany is a second year student double majoring in biology and statistics and a possible minor in bioethics. She is on the pre-medical field with hopes of becoming a surgeon. She is interested in the development of data science and its involvement in the medical field. She is a volunteer through Madison House, on the executive board of the Bioethics Society at UVa, and volunteer at another lab. In her free time she enjoys running, hiking, and watching TED talks!

Jeffrey Yoo


Jeffrey Yoo is a second-year computer science major (and a potential mathematics major) interested in machine learning and AI. As a student researcher, he is interested in learning how to develop computational methodologies to solve problems in other fields. In his free time, he fences for the Virginia Fencing Club and loves to watch movies and TV shows.

Michael Ferguson


Mike Ferguson is a first-year computer science major and math minor. He is interested in Artificial Intelligence, software development, and computer engineering. He volunteers in another lab specializing in Convolutional Neural Networks and Computer Vision/Machine Learning. In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar, ping pong, and waiting for the Singularity to occur. He is working on optimizing bioinformatics software and make it more user friendly/intuitive in any way possible.

Naifei Pan


Naifei Pan is a fourth year student double majoring in statistics and economics. She is very interested in data science and enjoys using R to solve problems. In the previous semesters, she has learned how to offer advice for commercial companies and has done a project about the racial disparity in the foster care system of Charlottesville. Now she is learning how to deal with biological datas in the lab. She hopes this experience can help her become a more efficient researcher and boost her research ability to a new level.

Alexander An


Alexander An is a first-year student intending in majoring biology or cognitive science at the University of Virginia. He is a member of Phi Delta Epsilon, a first-year representative for Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE), medical service volunteer through Madison House and clarinet player. He enjoys watching Korean dramas and listening to Kpop. His favorite Kpop group is Twice.

Lab Alumni

Qi Li

Visiting PhD Student
(Jan 2018–Feb 2018)

PhD Candidate,
Tsinghua University

Wen Shen

Visiting Undergraduate Student
(Feb 2018–May 2018)

Undergraduate Student,
Biological Sciences,
Nanjing University

Celina Shih

Summer Research Student
(May 2017–July 2017)

Undergraduate Student,
Biomedical Engineering,
Johns Hopkins University

Wuwei Tan

Graduate Research Assistant
(May 2017–May 2018)

Master Student,

Yiren Wang

Research Assistant
(July 2017–June 2018)

BS in Astronomy,
School of Physics,
Peking University

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