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Astronomy 1230 Lecture Notes

Fall 2020

Comet Hale Bopp Over Jefferson's
                 Rotunda at the University of Virginia
                 (copyright 1997 William T. Hark)

The lectures in this class are meant to provide background material needed to undertake the required and most of the elective lab exercises. The lectures will be topic-oriented and will be timed loosely to follow the progression of lab exercises. To help you coordinate the material, notes for the lecture presentations will be posted here, usually the day of the relevant lecture. Most will be in HTML format for easiest retrieval over the Web, but you may need an Adobe PostScript or Acrobat reader for some material.

To take full advantage of the notes, you should read the notes in advance and be prepared to ask questions in class. You might consider printing out a hardcopy before lecture on which to add additional notes from the lecture. Some sets of notes will have good coverage of the lecture, but others will hit only the main points and some of the more important figures. You should plan to fill in the other presented material with your own notes.

Web links to other useful information or pertinent illustrations are included on the guides and on the ASTR 1230 Web Links page. You are encouraged to use these to make the subject matter more interesting or clear...but you are not required to know any of this additional material (unless discussed in class).

Regardless of this generous posting of lecture material, you should plan on attending all lectures.

Please note that in the autumn of 2010 a malicious hack of the UVA astronomy web server resulted in the loss of all of the course materials (and backups) for this class, including the lecture notes, which were the product of 18 years of development by the author. Through painstaking and costly efforts, we are attempting to reconstruct what has been lost. You may find that many links and figures may stiill be missing. Please be patient while we work through this.

Introduction and Class Objectives

Lecture 1: Introduction to the Naked Eye Sky & Constellations

Lecture 2: The Celestial Sphere

Lecture 3: Introduction to Optics, Binoculars and Telescopes

Lecture 4: The "Deep Sky" and Telescope Observing

Lecture 5: The Path of the Sun and Seasons

Lecture 6: Observing the Sun

Lecture 7: Observing the Moon

Lecture 8: Planetary Astronomy

Lecture 9: Stellar Astronomy

Lecture 10: Galactic Astronomy

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