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Astronomy 5110 Lecture Notes
Image of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey III 2.5-m Telescope at Apache Point Observatory in New Mexico, carrying out APOGEE near infrared spectroscopic observations of the Galactic bulge -- about 60 degrees from the zenith, over El Paso, Texas lights, and with a full moon nearby. Photo taken and copyrighted by APOGEE Principal Investigator Steven Majewski.

WARNING (2010): In the autumn of 2010 a malicious hack of the UVA astronomy web server resulted in the loss of all of the course materials (and backups) for this class, including these lecture notes, which are the product of 15 years of development by the instructor/author. Through painstaking and costly efforts, we are attempting to reconstruct what has been lost. You may find links and figures missing. Use at your own risk. Please be patient while we work through this.

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REQUEST: The author of these lecture notes has posted them publicly as a courtesy. From numerous comments I have received it seems that others outside of the students in my courses find them a useful resource. I have attempted to give due credit to the sources of figures and other information from which the material has been drawn. I humbly request the same consideration in return. This includes borrowing not only many original descriptions, figures and pedagogy within the notes but the overall structure and selection of topics within the notes, which, until the advent of a several recent textbooks published well after the creation of these notes, had not been covered in any single resource to my knowledge.

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