Searches for charged lepton flavor violation are powerful probes of new physics. In three days of plenary talks this conference will examine the theoretical status of charged lepton flavor violation models, present recent experimental results along with their impact on the theoretical landscape, and discuss prospects for the coming round of experiments.

The conference begins with a reception on Sunday evening, June 19. Three days of plenary talks follow, with a poster session Monday afternoon and the conference banquet on the historic Lawn of the University of Virginia Tuesday evening. The meeting ends late Wednesday afternoon, June 22.

Local Organizing Committee Chair: E. Craig Dukes, University of Virginia
International Advisory Committee Chair: Robert Bernstein, FNAL

Conference Secretariat: Kendall Dalkiewicz and Kristen Schumacher
Conference IT Coordinator: Clara Colby

The conference has been generously supported by the University of Virginia. The Hamamatsu and Wiener corporations have kindly supported several of the coffee breaks. Partial travel support for students and postdocs has been provided by the US Department of Energy.