Cafiso Lab Group University of Virginia

Beaver Creek Resevoir.

Beaver Creek Resevoir with fog.

Beaver Creek Resevoir in the fall.

Edge Valley.

The view from Humpback Rock.

The group on Humpback Rock, 2008.

The 2008 group.

The 2013 group.

The 2015 group.

The 2016 group.

The group in 2018 after finishing the new EPR center.

A photogenic llama from a nearby farm.

Dave's cats Sugar Bear and Emma Scarlet.

A side view of the rotunda.

Snowfall in the Blueridge

Winter sunrise in the Blueridge.

Alabama hills, California.

Eureka Dunes, California.

Kelso Dunes, California.

Mile 30 of the 2017 Windmill Century.

Mile 90 of the 2019 Windmill Century.