The Institute will meet daily, Monday through Friday. Every day a visiting scholar will present a topic based on his/her own expertise and lead a group discussion using as a starting point a selection of pre-assigned readings. Generally, meetings will be held in the morning and afternoons are reserved for individual meetings, the independent exploration of research resources, and the development of the individual projects. Occasionally, the Institute will meet in the afternoon.

On Monday, June 25th, the Institute will meet in the morning and afternoon. The Institute director will present the scope and organization of the Institute, give an orientation to research resources, and encourage faculty to share their expectations, interests, and research goals. In the evening, NEH Summer Scholars and visiting faculty who are in Florence will gather for an informal welcome dinner offered by a private donor.

The Institute will be organized topically around three major themes, one theme per week: Word and Image, Painting and Drawing, Craftsmen and Scholars. The three themes, which will be interwoven throughout the Institute, have been selected to address the most cogent issues in the study of Leonardo's works and thought and in analysis of the relations between art and science in the early modern period.