Welcome to the Realm of MSER

In output analysis of simulation, many researchers have agreed that (Minimum) Mean Squared Error Rule (MSER) is easy to understand and implement. It is based on the notion of MSE and as long as the simulation arrives at steady state, the bias will diminish in continuing simulation. However, infinite simulation cannot be achieved under realistic conditions. Thus, truncating initial bias with this method not only result in an optimal simulation run length, but also obtain a minimum squared error value of a mean estimate.

We demonstrate briefly the history of MSER, and the effectiveness and efficiency by providing codes to researchers and practitioners who can easily test how this MSER works. Thus, the purpose of this web page is to assist and facilitate understanding and implementing the logic across different frames in steady state simulation

Because we acknowledge the importance of mathematical derivation to support MSER we, however, minimize the appearance of mathematical equations here and hope visitors will not lose their way to follow the concept. In addition, a few of representative research papers are linked to download to deepen their intellectual learning in History section.

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