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Upload Talks

Upload your talks via PSTP Collab site

In order to upload your talk you must be a "member" of the Collab site. If you have not requested membership before send an email to Donal Day (dbd at virginia dot edu). Upon membership you will be sent a password and instructions for using the worksite which will allow you to upload your talk.

You can upload either PowerPoint or pdf files.

After logging in you should select the Talks Upload tab in the navigation bar on the left. On the page that comes up you will see a series of folders whose name provide session information. For example:

  • S1 Monday AM1 refers to Session 1 which is the first session on Monday morning.
  • S11 Wednesday PM1 refers to Session 11 which is the first session on Wednesday afternoon.
Refer to the Program in what session you will talk.
Clicking on the small arrow that reads "Add" followed by selecting the Upload Files option you can upload your file in the appropriate folder.

Please put your last name in the name of your file.