Development of Clinical Decision Support System to Aid in Prognostication of Terminally Ill Patients

Poor prediction of outcomes is particularly well documented in care of terminally ill patients who are supposed to be helped by hospice care- special services designed to care for terminally ill patients. However, and despite these well documented advantages of hospice, many Americans do not enjoy maximum benefit from the hospice care. The fundamental reason for this is related to the inappropriate and poorly timed referral of terminally ill patients to hospice. The goal of the project isto develop an Evidence-based Clinical Decision Support (CDSS-EBM) system available at the point-of-care to improve prognostication of the life expectancy of terminally ill patients and improve referral of patients to hospice. In second part of the project, a CDSS-EBM was developed to help with pain management of terminally ill and other patients suffering from chronic pain.

Sponsor: US Army Medical Department