Dr. Laura E. Barnes


Dr. Laura E. Barnes , Associate Professor
School of Engineering and Applied Science
Systems Engineering
School of Data Science

Laura Barnes is an Associate Professor at the University of Virginia. She directs the Sensing Systems for Health Lab. Her research focuses on the design of intelligent systems for understanding the dynamics and personalization of health and well-being. Fusing computational methods with technology such as smartphones and wearables, her group studies how macro and micro-level human behaviors manifest in the wild and how these behaviors relate to health.  Her group's technology and methods have been applied to chronic diseases such as anxiety, depression, cancer, infectious disease, and traumatic brain injury. She received her Ph.D. degree in Computer Science. Her work has been funded by the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, National Institute of Aerospace, Defense Advanced Research Projects, US Army, and private foundations.


Dr. Medhi Boukhechba Assistant Professor Personal Website Health informatics, Pervasive systems

Postdocs & Research Scientists

Haroon Rashid Lone Postdoc Personal Website Smart health, Energy sustainability

Graduate Students

Anna Baglione PhD Personal Website Mobile interventions for mental illness, Technological coping mechanisms for grief, Academic mental health
Debo (Debajyoti Datta) PhD Personal Website Natural Language Processing and mobile sensing in the context of mental health. Computational Social Science.
Guimin Dong PhD Personalized machine learning, Transfer learning, Variational inference
Lee Lihua Cai PhD Mobile sensing and human behaviors, Machine learning, Reinforcement learning, Data mining
Liz Thompson PhD Smart health, Cyber physical systems, Mobile sensing
Mark Rucker PhD Personal Website Human behavior models, Health behavior change, Kernel methods, Inverse reinforcement learning, Statistical filters
Mawulolo Ameko PhD Machine learning, Mobile health, Medical informatics
Michael Clemens MS Personal Website Adaptive user interfaces, AI in music, Accessibility
Moeen Mostafavi PhD Personal Website Social network analysis, Social policy analysis, Data mining, Computational social science
Navreet Kaur PhD Mobile sensing, Pervasive health, Machine learning, Reinforcement learning
Robert Gutierrez PhD Personal Website Biomedical analytics, Sports analytics, Mobile health, Image processing
Sanjana Mendu MS Personal Website Mobile health (mHealth), Machine learning, Human-computer interaction, Ubiquitous computing
Sonia Baee PhD Personal Website Mobile sensing, Conversational agent, Digital biomarker, Modeling
Tasnuba Siddiqui PhD Applied machine learning, Mild cognitive impairment, Dementia, Alzheimer