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  • July 2020: Congrats to Bev for successfully passing her PhD proposal!

  • July 2020: The Caliari lab has just been awarded an NIH R35 MIRA grant to continue developing tunable cell-instructive hydrogels!

  • May 2020: Congrats to Ivan for successfully completing his PhD proposal!

  • April 2020: Congrats to Ivan on his first preprint developing aligned and conductive 3D collagen scaffolds for skeletal muscle tissue engineering!

  • April 2020: Congratulations to Bev who presented her research in the University of Virginia Engineering Research Symposium (UVERS) poster competition and received 3rd place!

  • April 2020: Congratulations to Caliari Lab alum Deniz for his collaborative preprint with the Lampe Group on the study of oligodendrocyte progenitor cell behavior in 3D hydrogels. Check it out here.

  • February 2020: Steven received the Robert A. Moore Jr. Award in Chemical Engineering for his work preparing students for industrial careers.

  • February 2020: Steven was awarded an Early Career Investigator Travel Award to attend the Keystone Symposium on Fibrosis and Tissue Repair in Victoria, BC, Canada where he presented a poster on Erica's work.

  • 2019
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  • December 2019: The Caliari Lab officially welcomes Mackenzie Grubb (1st year BME PhD student) and Austin Amacher (1st year Engineering undergraduate student) to the group!

  • December 2019: Annual Caliari Lab holiday party featuring Al Carbon catering, white elephant gift exchange, and fun games!

  • “HolidayParty2019”

  • December 2019: Steven presented an invited talk highlighting Erica and Ivan's work at Virginia Tech on designing biomaterials to study mechanoregulation of fibrosis and tissue regeneration.

  • December 2019: Check out this writeup on Bev's latest work!

  • December 2019: Congrats to Deniz on a successful defense of his Masters!

  • October 2019: Congrats to Erica on the acceptance of her first publication in Biomacromolecules!

  • October 2019: The Caliari Lab had a fantastic time in Philly for BMES 2019, with Erica presenting a talk and Ivan presenting a poster.
  • “BMES2019_Erica” “BMES2019_Ivan”

  • October 2019: Steven presented an invited talk highlighting Ivan and Bev's work at VCU on instructive biomaterials for skeletal muscle repair.

  • July 2019: The Caliari Lab, in collaboration with the Christ Lab, has received a notice of award for our R21 proposal on conductive collagen scaffolds for muscle repair. Thank you NIH (NIAMS) for supporting this work!

  • July 2019: Go check out Deniz's review on engineering biomaterials to study myelination, out now in a special issue of Brain Research Bulletin!

  • July 2019: The Caliari Lab wins trivia! A great way to celebrate review article acceptances, acing comprehensive exams, thesis proposals, finishing a 6-week reproductive biology course, preparing for qualifying exams, and mentoring new summer undergraduates.

  • “triviaJuly2019”

  • July 2019: Congratulations to Erica on the successful completion of her PhD proposal!

  • June 2019: We are excited to work with Professor Lampe on his recently awarded NSF grant on engineering hydrogels to promote myelination!

  • May 2019: Congratulations to Erica on her first preprint using photopatterning for spatiotemporal control of hydrogel viscoelasticity!

  • April 2019: The Caliari Lab celebrates another great semester with a hearty meal at Junction.

  • “GroupSpring2019”

  • April 2019: A collaborative proposal involving the Caliari Lab and the groups of Professor Garrett-Bakelman and PI Professor Bushweller was awarded funding from the V Foundation! Looking forward to continuing our work in the development of 3D leukemia models as testbeds for novel small molecule therapeutics.

  • April 2019: Four Caliari lab undergraduates, Priyanshi Jain, Sarah Zagorin, Emily Zezas, and Audrey Hansrisuk, all presented their research at the UVA Undergraduate Research Symposium at Newcomb Hall. Pictured: Priyanshi and Emily with their posters.

  • “Jain_April2019poster” “Zezas_April2019poster”

  • March 2019: Congratulations to Bev on her 1st place podium presentation at the UVA Engineering Research Symposium (UVERS)!

  • March 2019: Congratulations to Kathryn and Erica on their Double Hoo Award!

  • February 2019: Great leadership by Bev starting the Women in Chemical Engineering group at UVA, highlighted here!

  • 2018
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  • December 2018: The Caliari lab celebrated the end of a great year with some Al Carbon catering, delicious desserts, white elephant gift exchange, and games!

  • “HolidayParty2018_1” “HolidayParty2018_2”

  • December 2018: The UVA Today Daily Report highlighted some of Steven's collaborative postdoctoral work published earlier this year in PNAS.

  • November 2018: The Caliari Lab's proposal on 'Engineering Injectable Fibrous Hydrogels for Noninvasive Fibrous Tissue Repair' has been recommended for funding by DoD's Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program (PRMRP)! Looking forward to working with our collaborator Professor George Christ on engineering new materials for volumetric muscle loss repair.

  • November 2018: Congratulations to Erica for winning 1st place at the BTP Symposium poster competition!

  • October 2018: The Caliari Lab welcomes two new students: Jenna Sumey, a first year chemical engineering graduate student, and Emily Zezas, a first year SEAS undergraduate student!

  • September 2018: Members of the Caliari Lab took part in the Yards for Yeardley 5k run to benefit the One Love Foundation (pictured: Bev, Steven, Ivan). Ivan won the race!

  • “YardsforYeardly5k2018”

  • September 2018: The Caliari Lab (in collaboration with Professors Bushweller and Garrett-Bakelman) has received seed funding through the 3 Cavaliers program to create 3D cell culture models of leukemia to assess efficacy of small molecule therapeutics.

  • September 2018: Erica presented her research as a part of the inaugural Squishy Materials Seminar series at UVA.

  • “SMS2018”

  • September 2018: Congrats to Bev and Deniz for passing their qualifying exams!

  • August 2018: Erica presented her research at a Chemical Engineering Grad Student Summer Seminar, highlighted here.

  • August 2018: The Caliari summer lab crew successfully broke out of a local Charlottesville Escape Room and enjoyed some tasty Korean food to mark the end of the summer.

  • “Aug2018_LabOuting” “Aug2018_LabOuting”

  • July 2018: The Caliari Lab (in collaboration with Prof. Christ) has received seed funding from the Center for Advanced Biomanufacturing to develop hydrogels mimicking developmental niches to promote skeletal muscle repair in a rat model of volumetric muscle loss.

  • June 2018: The Caliari Lab has received a SEAS Research Innovation Award to fund a collaborative effort with Professors Cai, Highley, and Letteri to engineer 3D printable, tough, cell-instructive hydrogels. Congratulations to all involved!

  • May 2018: Ivan was accepted into UVA's NIH Biotechnology Training Program as 1 of 6 new students. Congrats!

  • April 2018: The Caliari Lab celebrated the end of another great year with Italian food from Vivace.

  • “Caliarilabdinner_April2018”

  • April 2018: Sarah presented her work at the Undergraduate Student Opportunities in Academic Research (USOAR) Symposium.

  • “USOAR_April2018”

  • April 2018: Erica gave a talk in the Glycomaterials session at the Society for Biomaterials Annual Meeting in Atlanta.

  • April 2018: The Caliari Lab participated in UVA SEAS Open House with a fun hydrogel demo to show everyone how exciting biomaterials can be!
  • “April2018_OpenHouse” “April2018_OpenHouse”

  • March 2018: Congrats to Erica who presented her research as a finalist in the University of Virginia Engineering Research Symposium (UVERS) poster competition.

  • “UVERS_Mar2018”

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  • December 2017: After rotating in the lab for half the semester, Ivan Basurto, a 1st year BME graduate student, has decided to join the lab!

  • November 2017: Caliari Lab enjoyed a tasty dinner at Himalayan Fusion to celebrate new lab members.


  • October 2017: The Caliari Lab has grown! Beverly Miller and Deniz Unal (joint student with Professor Kyle Lampe), both first year chemical engineering graduate students, have joined the lab along with Sarah Zagorin, a 2nd year undergraduate. Welcome!

  • September 2017: Congrats to Erica for passing her qualifying exam!

  • August 2017: Celebrating the beginning of the new school year with good food at The Local.

  • “CaliariLab_Aug2017”

  • June 2017: Two undergraduates - Rebecca Earhart & Mark Mora - join the lab for the summer.

  • May 2017: Congratulations to Erica for being appointed to UVA’s NIH-funded Biotechnology Training Program!

  • March 2017: The Caliari Lab is featured in The Cavalier Daily.

  • March 2017: BioTechniques highlights the Caliari Lab's work in this article.

  • February 2017: Another successful happy hour with the Caliari and Lampe groups welcoming new professor Don Griffin to UVA!


  • 2016
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  • December 2016: A UVA team led by Prof. Christ and Prof. Peirce-Cottler (along with others including Prof. Caliari) was awarded $3M through the Strategic Investment Fund to establish a Center for Advanced Biomanufacturing! This center will provide new tools for biomaterial fabrication and characterization that will enable the rational design, synthesis, and analysis of materials for diverse applications in tissue engineering, wound healing, and soft matter. Congratulations to all involved!

  • November 2016: The Caliari Lab & Lampe Group celebrate the halfway mark of the semester and socialize at World Of Beer.


  • October 2016: Four undergradutes - Grant Guan, Oliver Nicholas, Priyanshi Jain, & Nathan Tumperi - join the lab!

  • October 2016: Erica Hui (1st year graduate student) is the first student to join the Caliari Lab!

  • August 2016: Prof. Caliari arrives at UVA and the Caliari Lab is officially open for business!

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