The Lab Coordinators are responsible for lab administration and data management.

Project Coordinator

Jun Bae is a fourth year undergraduate from Richmond, VA in the College of Arts and Sciences. He double majors in Psychology and Religious Studies, and his primary interests are mental illnesses and their relations to various cognitive processes. He hopes to apply to a medical school after his undergraduate studies. Outside of academics, he is the president of The Hooligans, a breakdancing crew at the University, and he enjoys traveling to different cities for breakdancing events.

Assistant Coordinators

Mike Ferguson

Mike Ferguson is a third-year computer science major in the Engineering School, double majoring in cognitive science, with a concentration in philosophy along with a minor in English. He has a passion for artificial general intelligence, and believes in order to recreate a mind with a computer, one must understand human cognition, and how it changes over time. His wishes to attend MIT after graduation for a Ph.D. in either cognitive science or computer science, and pursue research professionally and become a professor. He enjoys guitar, literature/writing, and playing with his Australian Sheppard, Shadow.

Ian Smith

Ian Smith is a rising second year from Spotsylvania, Virginia who is studying cognitive science with a concentration in neuroscience. He also works in another neuroscience research lab at UVA, and hopes to purse a medical degree so he can perform surgery.