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Monday, May 10, 2021  

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Dr. Roseanne Ford, Professor

Roseanne Ford


Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania

Tel: (434) 924-6283
Email: rmf3f@virginia.edu

Research Areas

Find out how the swimming behavior of bacteria affects attachment to surfaces and the subsequent formation of biofilms.

What we view as chemical pollutants in groundwater, bacteria see as a new carbon source for their diet. Learn more about bioremediation here.

Some microorganisms love the heat. Learn how they find the hot spots and what keeps them coming back for more.

Modeling Tools
Ever wonder what it's like to be a bacterium swimming through the soil? See how we're modeling bacterial motility.

Group News

·  Feb 2010 Sarah Triolo wins the Harrison Undergraduate Research Award.

·  Jan 2010 Kathryn Stobel wins Rodman Sustainability Research Grant.

·  Mar 2009 Kathryn Stobel wins a Harrison Undergraduate Research Award to visit the Institute for Groundwater Ecology in Neuherberg, Germany. She will conduct experiments to study chemotaxis of bacteria using a microcosm system developed in the Griebler laboratory.

·  Feb 2009 Tao Long, Ph.D. accepts postdoctoral research position at Tufts University in the Integrated Multiphase Environmental Systems Laboratory with Andrew Ramsburg and Linda Abriola.

·  Aug 2008 Jun won the Outstanding Student Paper Award from American Geophysical Union General Assembly.

·  Dec 2007 Karthik successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation. Congratulations Dr. Narayanaswamy!

·  Nov 2007 Xiaopu Wang joined Ford Group as a new graduate student.

· 2007 Dr. Paul Frymier, a Ford Group alumni member, received the Leon and Nancy Cole Superior Teaching Award from the University of Tennessee. 

·  Feb 2007 Elena Aksel won the Harrison Undergraduate Research Award. Congratulations!

·  Dec 2006 Meng Wang successfully defended her M.S. dissertation. Congratulations!

·  Dec 2006 Jun Liu joins our group as a new graduate student.

·  Aug 2006 Tao Long joins our group as a Post Doc Research Associate.

·  May 2006 Amanda graduates and begins her career in U.S. Naval Research.

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