OpenMx 2.0: Extended Structural Equation and Statistical Modeling

Neale, M.C., Hunter, M.D., Pritikin, J.N., Zahery, M., Brick, T.R., Kirkpatrick, R., Estabrook, R., Bates, T.C., Maes, H.H., & Boker, S.M.; (in press) OpenMx 2.0: Extended Structural Equation and Statistical Modeling. Psychometrika

The new software package OpenMx 2.0 for structural equation and other statistical modeling is introduced and its features are described. OpenMx is evolving in a modular direction and now allows a mix-and-match computational approach that separates model expectations from fit functions and optimizers. Major backend architectural improvements include a move to swappable open-source optimizers such as the newly-written CSOLNP. Entire new methodologies such as Item Factor analysis (IRT) and State-space modeling have been implemented. New model expectation functions including support for the expression of models in LISREL syntax and a simplified multigroup expectation function are available. Ease-of-use improvements include helper functions to standardize model parameters and compute their Jacobian-based standard errors, access to model components through standard R $ mechanisms, and improved tab completion from within the R Graphical User Interface.

The manuscript of this article accepted for publication can be downloaded as a PDF. This article may not exactly replicate the final version published in Psychometrika. It is not the copy of record.

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