Dynamics of Change and Change in Dynamics

Boker, S. M., Staples, A., & Hu, Y. (2016) Dynamics of Change and Change in Dynamics. Journal for Person-Oriented Research, 2:1–2, 34–55.

A framework is presented for building and testing models of dynamic regulation by categorizing sources of differences between theories of dynamics. A distinction is made between the dynamics of change, i.e., how a system self–regulates on a short time scale, and change in dynamics, i.e., how those dynamics may themselves change over a longer time scale. In order to clarify the categories, models are first built to estimate individual differences in equilibrium value and equilibrium change. Next, models are presented in which there are individual differences in parameters of dynamics such as frequency of fluctuations, damping of fluctuations, and amplitude of fluctuations. Finally, models for within–person change in dynamics over time are proposed. Simulations demonstrating feasibility of these models are presented and OpenMx scripts for fitting these models have been made available in a downloadable archive along with scripts to simulate data so that a researcher may test selected models’ feasibility within a chosen experimental design.

The article accepted for publication can be downloaded as a PDF.


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