Cell signaling is the biochemical process cells use to make decisions about virtually everything they do – migrate, differentiate, survive, die, and more. Signaling involves networks of intracellular proteins whose concentrations, modification states, or localization change in response to events such as receptor-ligand binding. Cells interpret these signaling network changes, using rules scientists are only beginning to decipher, to execute decision processes. While proper signaling is critical to normal development and health, aberrant signaling leads to numerous diseases, including cancer. Thus, the ability to engineer signaling processes or intervene effectively in aberrant signaling has huge medical implications. Our lab integrates experimental and computational methods to study fundamental aspects of cell signaling regulation and applied aspects of cell signaling including the efficacy of therapeutics that target particular signaling pathways in cancer.

Open Positions

The Lazzara Lab seeks enthusiastic applicants to fill open positions for postdoctoral research associates, graduate research assistants, laboratory technical staff, and undergraduate researchers. Candidates should send a current c.v. to mlazzara@virginia.edu.


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Dr. Nisha Sosale is awarded an NCI NRSA F32 postdoctoral fellowship to continue her work on the role of SPRY2 in glioblastoma. Check out the UVA SEAS article on Nisha's award here. [Jan 2019]

Our new paper with Sasha Sorkin's lab (Pitt) on RAF membrane localization in response to EGFR activation has been published in Mol Biol Cell. Check it out here! [Dec 2018]

Matt Lazzara presents an invited talk for the "Engineering in Cancer Biology and Therapy: Signaling" session at the 2018 AIChE Meeting in Pittsburgh.

Helen Warner presents her work on 3D bioprinting of tumor spheroids at the 2018 Meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society in Atlanta, GA. [Oct 2018]

Brooke McGirr is appointed as a new predoctoral trainee on the NIH Cancer Research Training Grant at UVA. [Aug 2018]