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Neural Network Models of Cognition (PSYC 533)


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Professor William B. Levy
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PSYC 533 - Neural Network Models of Cognition and Brain Computation

Welcome to the web version of PSYC 533, Neural Network Models of Cognition and Brain Computation. These pages are intended for the interested amateur, precocious high-school student, and anyone interested in learning how to use biologically relevant computational elements to model information processing in the brain. Soon we will have an online version of each of the labs freely available for access to those who register.

Armed with these labs and a copy of MATLAB (or any programming language for the experienced coder), you will be able to create neural networks that do pattern recognition, sequence prediction, sequence completion, and more. But you are probably going to have to start from the basics. Don't worry, we'll walk you through it, one step at a time. Most labs will be easy to understand with a high-school level mathematics education, but they will also include appendices for the occasional prodigy.

Because this course is still in its infancy, we want to know who is using the labs. Hence, we request your email address. Your email will not be distributed in any way, this is solely for lab records. The class materials can be accessed through the University of Virginia's interactive course toolkit. You will, however, need a password to access the materials. The password will give you access to the full-text versions of the labs, as well as on-line interactive demonstrations and mathematical appendices. If you are not a student enrolled in PSYC 533, you will need to send us an email to obtain the password for the class website. We will send a return email with a userid and password.