Located on the second floor of the new addition of the chemistry building, the Marshall group has been practicing synthetic organic chemistry for over ten years in Charlottesville (Dr. Marshall brought his group to the University of Virginia in the summer of 1995 from the University of South Carolina).

Research in the Marshall lab concentrates on natural products with complex structures and useful biological properties that may lead to medicinal agents for treatment of cancer, cardiovascular disorders, and infectious diseases. We focus on key structural and stereochemical features found in these target natural products in developing novel methodology for the efficient construction of potentially useful synthetic subunits. Subunits are then assembled by a combination of new and known reactions to synthesize the target substance and/or analogues thereof. Thus, research in the Marshall lab is target-directed but methods driven. Current synthetic objectives in the group include a) furanocyclic natural products, b) polypropionate derived natural products, c) carbohydrates and d) polyether antibiotics and Annonaceous acetogenins.

The Marshall group is proud of its strong work ethic, and chances are you can find group members working around the clock every day of the week (even on holidays and weekends). Currently, there are ten members of the group.

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