©Marva A. Barnett

Responses from the FREN 332 (2002) students' final
evaluations about poetry presentations:

How effective in helping you learn were these aspects of the course, and how could they be improved in the future?
Preparing and presenting your chosen poem:

A. Fun, I learned a lot about analyzing and poetry by doing it. The presentation was especially helpful
B. Good--encourage more displays perhaps
C. I enjoyed presenting and listening to the other presentations but I was nervous
D. Not my most favorite assignment, but I never would have been able to write my paper without it!
E. This was my favorite project (perhaps because I love poetry)--but the combination of reading, speaking and presenting aloud to the class was a great way to learn many different aspects of French.
F. Preparation was more rigorous because of the level of detail hence more of a learning tool; really lets one get into the nuances of the French language; presentation to me was just like another class discussion, nothing too special
G. FABULOUS--best activity