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McCormick Museum

Walnut Grove

The McCormick Farm, located at the Shenandoah Valley Agricultural Research and Extension Center operated by Virginia Tech.

Walnut Grove house Plaque for Walnut Grove
McCormick Homestead Walnut Grove plaque
School house Walnut Grove house
Schoolhouse and Housekeeper's quarters a second view of the house
Ice house site Carriage house
Site of the ice house behind the hoouse Carriage house

House from across the farm Plaque for Cyrus McCormick

The house can be seen up on the hill from the mill and blacksmith shop. Above is the plaque given to Cyrus McCormick, marking Walnut Grove as a National Landmark--the location where the mechanical reaper was invented.

McCormick Museum original McCormick reaper model
The top of the Blacksmith Shop has been converted into a museum (left) which houses a model of a mechanical reaper (right).
Blacksmith Shop Blacksmith's fire hearth
Blacksmith Shop equipment
The Blacksmith Shop (upper left) displays old farm equipment, smithing tools (lower left) and the fire hearth (right) which the McCormicks used to weld and fashion their equipment.
Gristmill and waterwheel
Grist Mill
Walk into Gristmill Gears in the Gristmill
The mill was used to grind grain for the farm and is open to view the large cog wheels (right) at work.
Blacksmith Shop and Gristmill
Blacksmith Shop and Grist Mill
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