Molly Lipscomb

Working Papers:

“Timing to the Statement:  Understanding Fluctuations in Consumer Credit Use”  with Sumit Agarwal and Amit Bubna. R&R, Management Science. pdf.

“Pricing people into the Market:  Targeting through Mechanism Design”  with Terence Johnson. pdf

“Designing Auctions to Increase the Take-up of Improved Sanitation in Senegal,” with Jean-Francois Houde, Terence Johnson, and Laura Schechter.pdf

“Agricultural Productivity and Deforestation in Brazil”  with Juliano Assunção, Mushfiq Mobarak, and Dimitri Szerman. pdf

“Leader Networks and Targeting: A randomized controlled trial testing the effectiveness of local religious and Governmental leaders”  with Robert Dowd and Danila Pankov. pdf


“Mobile Payment Systems:  The Impact of Earmarked Savings on Sanitation Purchases.” with Laura Schechter.  Forthcoming, Journal of Development Economics pdf

Decentralization and Pollution Spillovers:  Evidence from the Re-drawing of County Borders in Brazil,” with Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak.  Review of Economic Studies. (2017)  84:(1) 464-502.  pdf; slidesonline appendix

“Service Reform and Manufacturing Performance:  Evidence from India,” with Jens Arnold, Beata Javorcik, and Aaditya Mattoo.  Economic Journal, February, 2016.  V.126, N.590.  pp. 1-39. pdf

“The Aggregate Impact of Household Saving and Borrowing Constraints:  Designing a Field Experiment in Uganda,”  with Joseph Kaboski and Virgiliu Midrigan, American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, March, 2014.  pdf

“Development Effects of Electrification:  Evidence from the Topographic Placement of Hydropower plants in Brazil.” with Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak and Tania Barham.  AEJ:  Applied Economics. March, 2013. pdf

Papers in Progress:

“Using Market Mechanisms to Increase the Take-up of Improved Sanitation.” with  Jared Gars, Shoshana Griffith, Jean-Francois Houde, Mbaye Mbeguere, Sarah Nehrling, Terence Johnson, Laura Schechter, and Jessica Zhu. Media Coverage on Planet Money: The Poop Cartel

“Spillovers without Social Interactions in Urban Sanitation.”  with Laura Schechter.

“Rewarding Work?  The Impact of Development Projects on the Effectiveness and Popularity of Local Government Leaders.”  with Robert Dowd.

“The Impact of Land Tenure Reform on Deforestation:   Evidence from the Brazilian Amazon,” with Niveditha Prabakaran.

Projects in the Field:

“Unlocking the Black Box of Savings,” with Joseph Kaboski and Virgiliu Midrigan

“Willingness or Ability to Pay?  Expanding electricity access with cost sharing and financing.” with Kelsey Jack

Older Papers:

“The Effect of Environmental Enforcement on Firm Product Choice:  Product Level Evidence from India.”

Associate Professor

Economics and Public Policy

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