Peter Brunjes

My lab is involved in studying the organization, function and development of the vertebrate brain. We always have a number of projects underway with a focus on understanding the development of the ventral forebrain. Most of our work centers on studies of the olfactory system, for a number of reasons, including:

                     It is strictly organized, with a relatively small number of cell types located in clear layers.

                     The organization is highly conserved across all vertebrates and even some invertebrates

                     Since it is a portion of a sensory system, its function is quite easy to manipulate


We have examined a number of topics. Currently we are primarily focused on a "higher order" olfactory structure, the anterior olfactory nucleus.





Some of our published work on the anterior olfactory nucleus includes:

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Collins, LN., and Brunjes, PC. (submitted). The mouse olfactory peduncle 4:   Development of synapses, neuronal nets and capillaries

Our previous work has examined:

1) The role of function in the development of the olfactory system

2) How innervation patterns influences brain development

3) Evolutionary differences in patterns of brain development.

Present and former lab members

If you came in the door of 077 Gilmer Hall now you might meet:

                     Lindsay Collins

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                     or even, Peter Brunjes

We are closely affiliated with two programs here at UVa that you might be interested in:

Program in Sensory and Systems Neuroscience

The Neuroscience Graduate Program


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