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Nicholas Winter

I am a political scientist in the Politics Department at the University of Virginia. I study American politics—with focus on public opinion, political psychology, and gender, race & politics— and methodology—with focus on statistical analysis, research design, and experimental methods.

I joined the department at UVa in the Fall of 2006; prior to that I've done a number of things in politics and policy. I held a tenure track position in the Government Department at Cornell for three years; worked as a policy researcher in Washington at Policy Studies Associates in Washington, DC. Before graduate school, I worked as a political campaign consultant, also in Washington.

I received my Ph.D. in political science from the political science department at the University of Michigan in 2001, where my fields of study included American politics, methodology, and social theory.

My book, Dangerous Frames was published in 2008 by the University of Chicago Press. Click on "book" above for more information. I've also published articles in several journals; click "papers" above for more information.