Tool tips

The following tips relate to cable assembly and crimping.

BNC Coaxial Connectors

We have the following BNC coaxial crimp connectors in the stock room:

  1. Kings 755-114-9 for RG-58
    • Kings recommends to use die KTH-2001, but we have in the electronics shop KTH-2061
    • The difference b/w the dies is that the KTH-2061 is 0.1” wider and this extra width has a bigger “diameter” for the outer hex crimp. So it appears to be possible to use a KTH-2061 with a 755-114-9 if care is taken
    • The draw back is that the outer hex crimp will not be completely crimped near the back of the BNC head
    • Cabling instructions for this connector: CP-465
    • Cabling instructions for the connector made for this die (KTH-2061): CP-401
  2. Amphenol 31-71008 for RG-59
  3. Kings 755-129-9 for RG-174
    • Kings recommends to use die KTH-2032, but in the electronics shop is the KTH-2082
    • Appears to be able to use KTH-2082 if care is taken with similar caveats as above for RG-58 and RG-59
    • Cabling instruction for this connector: CP-406
    • Cannot find cabling instructions for the connector made for this die (KTH-2082)

Need More Information?

For more information, please contact us through our contact page.

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