Dr. Lin Pu


Ph.D. University of California San Diego, 1990

Postdoctoral Fellow

  Stanford University, 1991-1992

  California Institute of Technology, 1992-1994

Doering Fellow, 1985


Organic, Polymer and Organometallic Chemistry; Asymmetric Catalysis; Chiral Sensors


lp6n@virginia.edu  (804) 924-7000

Principle Research Interests:


Multi-disciplinary research programs involving organic synthesis, polymer chemistry, dendrimers, organometallic chemistry, and asymmetric catalysis are carried out in our laboratory. We are interested in the design and synthesis of novel chiral molecules and macromolecules for applications in asymmetric catalysis, chiral sensors, polarized light emission and nonlinear optics.


A list of references can be found on Dr. Pu's departmental homepage, here.

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