ASTR 1230 (O'Connell) SPRING 2011


Interim and final grades will be posted on the course Collab site. You will need your UVa login and Eservices password to access the Collab site. Click on the link below:


Once at the Collab site:

  1. Click on the Post'Em button.
  2. Look for the latest grade file (these are listed by date), and click on that.
  3. Do NOT use the "GradeBook" button.

Grades will be updated every few weeks, as work is graded.

11/08/11:  Grades are posted for Labs 1 and 2, the Midterm Exam,
and the Review Quizzes.  Only your total score for the Quizzes
is included.  Note that it has been scaled up to a maximum 
possible score of 75 points (from the 70 offered in the Quizzes).


          The class performed unusually well, even in the face
          of a record-setting run of bad weather.

          Have a great holiday! 

Here is the meaning of the column headings on the grade page: 

    MDX = Midterm Exam score (126 point max)
    RQZ = Review Quiz total score  (75 points max) [Note: for
            individual quiz scores, see the Collab Gradebook]
     L1 = Constellation Lab  (100 point max)
     L2 = Intro Binoc Lab (100 point max)
     L3 = Intro Small Telesc Lab (150 point max)
     L4 = Telescope Obs I  (150 point max)
     O1, O2, O3 = Optional labs (100 or 200 points each)
    TOT = Total score (sum of all points)
    LET = Final letter grade 

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