Astronomy 1230 Weather Page

Cumulo-Nimbus Clouds

To find out whether the Student Observatory will be open tonight, after 6:30 PM
call 924-7238
or visit the Observatory Status Message on Twitter.

Since weather conditions can change suddenly, these messages
may be updated as necessary later in the evening.

For more information on present and predicted weather conditions, check the following websites:

Hour-by-Hour CV Observing Forecast (A. Danko)
Hour-by-Hour for Other Sites

Current Conditions at McCormick Observatory

Charlottesville Forecast (NOAA)
Charlottesville Forecast (Wunderground)
Charlottesville Forecast (Up to 15 days; AccuWeather)
Regional Forecast (Intellicast)
Sky Watch Forecast on Intellicast
Regional Radar (shows active precipitation, USNWS)
Regional Infrared Satellite (shows cloud cover, Wunderground)
Enhanced Infrared Satellite Images (show cloud cover, UNISYS)
Virginia State Climatology Office
NCAR National Real-Time Weather Data
Useful Local and Remote Observing Weather Links (R. Patterson)

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