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February 17, 2006
Insight: Valentine's Aftermath
with Tom Graham

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January 14, 2005
OnPoint:  Glass Ceiling at the Altar
Debate with Deborah Blum and Susan Shapiro Barash about romantic attachment

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November/December, 2004
Mars Hill Audio Journal, Volume 71
Interviewer Ken Myers

  Available from Mars Hill

August 11 2004
The Brian Lehrer Show
Debate with Caryl Rivers on sex differences

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August 4, 2004
NPR's Talk of the Nation

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August 2, 2004
First Voice with Donna Ricks                      The full interview is available in MP3 format below.

Listen to the interview (broadband recommended).

For users on dial-up connections, the interview is also available in smaller segments.

"Domination" segment (2.24 minutes)
"Hooking Up" segment (3.35 minutes)
"Transformation" segment (4.49 minutes)
"The Power of Women" segment (3.08 minutes)
"No Children" segment (5.05 minutes)
"Side Effects" segment (4.23 minutes)

To read a transcript of the interview click here.

May 11 2004
Issues, Etc.
Steven Rhoads was interviewed by Rev. Todd Wilken on the May 6 edition of Issues, Etc.

Listen to the show (Windows Media Player).

You can also download the show in MP3 format here. Dr. Rhoads is interviewed during the second half of program (if your player allows, fast forward 29 minutes). More information can be found at KFUO's website.


December 4, 2004
C-Span Airing of Dr. Rhoads' Talk at the Heritage Foundation

    Available on DVD from C-Span Store


November 26, 2004                                   Uncommon Knowledge                                   Debate with Deborah Rhode, Stanford Law Professor and author of Speaking of Sex

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August 11, 2004
Video of Dr. Rhoads' Talk at the Heritage Foundation

  Watch the talk (RealPlayer)


July 5, 2004
Video of Dr. Rhoads' Appearance on the Today Show
A video clip of Dr. Rhoads' Today Show interview from June 25th, 2004 is now available on MSNBC's website.

Watch the segment (Link to external site).

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