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April 1, 2004
Boris Spiwak, "Anscombe Talk Covers Gender Differences,"  The Daily Princetonian
Princeton University. Click here to read it.

July 5, 2004
Video of Dr. Rhoads' Appearance on the Today Show
A video clip of Dr. Rhoads' Today Show interview is now available on MSNBC's website. Click here to watch it.

June 24, 2004
Two New Reviews
Reviews from News Weekly and tothesource have been added. Click here to read them.

June 20, 2004
New Op-ed on Ronnie and Nancy
Read Dr. Rhoads' take on the success of Ronald and Nancy Reagan's Marriage. Read the op-ed.

June 17, 2004
Review from the American Spectator
P. David Hornik reviews Taking Sex Differences Seriously. Read the review.

June 6, 2004
Dr. Rhoads Appears on the Today Show on June 25, 2004
Steven Rhoads will appear on the Today Show on Friday, June 25. Dr. Rhoads will discuss sex differences in parenting around 8.15 AM EST.

June 4, 2004
The First Review Is In
Jonathan Butcher and Melissa Pardue at Heritage Foundation's Townhall.com have reviewed Taking Sex Differences Seriosuly. Read the review

June 1, 2004
Q and A with Dr. Rhoads
Dr. Rhoads sat down for a Q and A with Datingnow.com on May 27. Read the interview

May 27, 2004
Dr. Rhoads was Interviewed by The Hook
Steven Rhoads was interviewed by Elizabeth Kiem in the May 20 issue of the Hook, Charlottesville's Weekly Newspaper. Read the article

May 11 2004
Dr. Rhoads on Issues, Etc. Listen to the Interview On-line
Steven Rhoads was interviewed by Rev. Todd Wilken on the May 6 edition of Issues, Etc. Click here to listen to the show (in Windows Media Player). You can also download the show in MP3 format here. Dr. Rhoads is interviewed during the second half of program (if your player allows, fast forward 29 minutes). More information can be found at KFUO's website.

May 10, 2004
New Op-ed by Steven Rhoads
GOOD-RIDDANCE TO FRIENDS: TV FANTASY WAS A MODEL FOR HEARTACHE. Sex in the City signed off earlier this year and Friends has now [will follow this week] followed. The shows are listed as comedies, but they are really fantasies when it comes to their recurring themes of uncommitted sex. Read the article

May 10, 2004
Bush's Testosterone Problem
Maggie Gallagher quotes Taking Sex Differences Seriously in a recent op-ed. "Maybe George Bush has a testosterone problem. Testosterone, Steven Rhoads points out in his forthcoming book, Taking Sex Differences Seriously, creates a loner profile." Read the column on Yahoo! News

May 7 2004
Article about Dr. Rhoads in UVa Top News Daily
The May 7, 2007 Issue of UVa Top News Daily has a story on Steven Rhoads and Taking Sex Differences Seriously. Read the article

May 3, 2004
Press Release
Most contemporary discussions of sex differences assume that they are determined by society rather than biology. It is society that teaches little girls to be feminine and little boys to be masculine--society that tells women to respond to babies and men to respond to sports. Read the Press release

May 2, 2004
Advance Praise
"Scintillating and utterly persuasive. For several decades, gender ideologues have aggressively promoted the view that "gender is a social construction." Rhoads marshals massive amounts of evidence showing why they are wrong."
Christina Hoff Sommers.
Read more reviews

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