Advanced Praise

"Scintillating and utterly persuasive. For several decades, gender ideologues have aggressively promoted the view that "'gender is a social construction.'" Rhoads marshals massive amounts of evidence showing why they are wrong."
Christina Hoff Sommers
American Enterprise Institute

The Empress of Androgyny has no clothes. Steven Rhoads provides a responsible, clear, exhaustive, and convincing description of human sex differences and what they mean for social policy and personal life. While members of the academy rush to consume "natural" foods and protect "nature" they simultaneously ignore and even avoid "human nature," especially in the sexual sphere where political intensity is greatest. Rhoads offers a generous-minded but hard-headed corrective to ideological fatuities and concernocrat assertions which have polluted the intellectual air. And his scholarship is as punctilious as his writing is efficient.
Lionel Tiger
Darwin Professor of Anthropology, Rutgers University
President of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society

"Steven Rhoads has written an exceptionally brave book that uses a mountain of empirical evidence to show what each of us knows intuitively but are usually afraid to say out loud: that men and women are different, and that these differences are in important respects rooted in nature rather than being socially constructed. This book demonstrates in a host of ways how awareness of these differences will have important implications for social policy."
Francis Fukuyama
Dean of Faculty, Bernard Schwartz Professor of International Political Economy
The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University

"Men and women are different: It should be blindingly obvious, but to many people--including those who influence social policy--it isn't. Professor Rhoads' case for 'la difference' is comprehensive and persuasive."
Danielle Crittenden
Author of "What Our Mothers Didn't Tell us: Why Happiness Eludes the Modern Woman."

"Taking Sex Differences Seriously is a pleasure to read. The book is well written, well researched, and makes a strong contribution to disseminating what we understand about sex differences. The combination of an accessible and engaging writing style and solid footing in the scientific literature makes the work a good undergraduate text or adjunct text, in addition to a fun read for anyone interested in learning more about why men and women differ."
David C. Geary, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair, Department of Psychological Sciences, University of Missouri
Author of Male, Female: The Evolution of Human Sex Differences

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