The Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment (APOGEE)

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Gail Zasowski describes APOGEE development in the UVa lab

APOGEE Featured on Discovery Channel (video): (The APOGEE story starts at about the 2:15 mark of this clip.)

Photolog of the arrival and installation of the APOGEE spectrograph at Apache Point Observatory


UVa hardware team in front of the APOGEE instrument before installation on site (April 2011).


APOGEE resting in front of the Sloan 2.5-m enclosure just before installation (April 2010). Photo © Steven Majewski.


APOGEE takes astronomical observations to new extremes. Pictured above is the Sloan Digital Sky Survey III 2.5-m Telescope at Apache Point Observatory in New Mexico, carrying out APOGEE near infrared spectroscopic observations of the Galactic bulge -- about 60 degrees from the zenith, over El Paso, Texas lights, and with a full moon nearby. Photo © Steven Majewski, APOGEE Principal Investigator.


Close-up view of the 300 APOGEE fibers at the slithead inside the spectrograph. Photo © Steven Majewski.


SRM in front of APOGEE poster.


Gathering of APOGEE task leaders, Charlottesville, VA (August 2010).