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We study the physics of star formation from 100AU to 100kpc scales, from individual protostars in our Galaxy to compact groups of galaxies. This breadth allows us to ground galaxy-scale star formation in an understanding of the microphysics, and place individual nearby regions in broader environmental context. We use observational techniques from X-ray to centimeter, with particular recent focus on infrared and (sub)millimeter, as well as radiative transfer and other numerical models.


HERACLES Remy Indebetouw has figured out why, no matter how much you clean, your house always gets so dusty! Dust production in the early universe is thought to be dominated by supernovae, but observational evidence has been minimal until now. At least a quarter solar mass of dust has formed in the ejecta of SN1987a, now revealed for the first time using the sensitivity and angular resolution of ALMA. To find out more, check out the article in ApJL.
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