Thomas E. Mark

Professor, Mathematics

University of Virginia

Office: 327 Kerchof Hall Phone: (434) 924-4948 Email: tmark at Math Department Home

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I'm a low-dimensional topologist specializing in the topology of smooth and symplectic 4-manifolds, using Lefschetz fibrations and tools from Heegaard Floer homology and gauge theory. I arrived here at Virginia in the fall of 2006.



I am an organizer for the UVa geometry seminar.

Classes I'm teaching Spring 2020:


My current work is focused on the study of contact 3-manifolds and symplectic 4-manifolds, and interactions between contact, symplectic, and smooth topology. Central tools are Lefschetz fibrations, Heegaard Floer homology and the associated invariants of 4-manifolds, gauge theory, and techniques from symplectic topology and geometry.

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I am a member of the American Mathematical Society and a reviewer for Mathematical reviews.