Mei Zhang, B.S.Med

Lab Manager

Yuntian Guan, B.S.

Ph.D. Student

Hannah Spaulding, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral Fellow

Robert (RJ) Shute, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral Fellow

Jinyue Wang, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral Fellow

Huayu Shang, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral Fellow

Sable Thompson, B.S.

Medical Student

Casey Bauchle, B.S.

Ph.D. student

Former lab members
Xuebin Liu, MD, PhD, Post-doc 2000-2002, Executive Director at HD Bioscience Inc
Steven C Pohnert, PhD, Post-doc 2002-2004, Primary Examiner at USPTO
Richard E Waters, MD, Fellow 2002-2004, Cardiologist, Stockton Cardiology Medical Group
Svein Rotevatn, MD, Visiting Professor 2002-2003, Professor, Haukeland University
*Takayuki Akimoto, PhD, Post-doc 2003-2005, Professor, Wasada University
Ping Li, MD, PhD, Post-doc (AHA Post-doc fellowship) 2003-2007, Staff Scientist, NIH/NHLBI
*Olu A Ajijola, BS, MD, Medical Student (HHMI Scholarship) 2004-2005, Assistant Professor, UCLA
*Zengli Yu, PhD, Post-doc 2005-2007, Professor, Henan University
Waynekid Kam, Summer Student 2005-2005, Instructor, University of Maryland
Andrew R Pogozelski, BS, MD, Medical Student (HHMI Scholarship) 2006-2007, Cardiologist, Allegheny General Hospital
Ying Li, MD, PhD, Post-doc 2006-2008, Research Instructor, University of Utah
Han-Chow Koh, MS, PhD, Graduate Student 2006-2006, Post-doc, Washington University
Michael Koh, Summer Student 2007-2007, Senior Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton
Yuguang Guan, PhD, Visiting Scientist 2007-2008, Research Operation, Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore
Yingke He, BS, MD, Medical Student 2007-2008, Resident, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore
James Lee, Summer Student 2008-2008, Flight Instructor at EVA Flight Training Academy
Naajia I Hajji, BS, PhD Student 2008-2008, Nursing School Student, McGill University
Shruti G Ayyar, Medical Student 2008-2008, Med Student, University of Cambridge
*Joseph M McClung, PhD, Post-doc 2008-2008, Assistant Professor, East Carolina University
Chongben Zhang, PhD, Post-doc 2008-2009, Research Associate, University of North Carolina
*Tuoyu (Leo) Geng, PhD, Post-doc 2009-2010, Associate Professor, Yangzhou University
Helen Choi, BS, Student 2009-2009, Investigational Drug Pharmacist, Children's National Health System
Lindsey Myers, Summer Student 2010-2010, Senior Drug Safety Associate, PRA Health Science
Yasmen Kamel, BS Student 2010-2011 MS student, Georgetown University
Yasir Akhtar, MD, Post-doc (NIH Post-doc fellowship) 2009-2011, Cardiologist, Tennova Medical Group, Knoxville
James Eaton, BS, PhD Student 2011-2011, PhD Student, University of Virginia
Kate Moody, Summer Student 2011-2011, Research Assistant, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Xiaoxi Liu, MS, PhD student 2011-2011, PhD Student, University of Virginia
*Mitsuharu Okutsu, PhD, Post-doc 2008-2012, Lecturer, Nagoya City University
Jean Donet, MD, Post-doc 2011-2012 Fellow, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Jie Cai, MD, Visiting Prof 2012-2012, Chief, Infectious Disease, Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Med Univ.
Hajirah Ishaq, BS Student 2011-2012, Student at Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Edie Pettiford, BS Student 2013-2013, Unknown
*Nicholas P Greene, PhD, Post-doc (NIH Post-doc fellowship) 2010-2013, Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas
*Vitor A Lira, PhD, Post-doc (APS Post-doc fellowship) 2009-201, Assistant Professor, University of Iowa
Michelle A Mahoney, PhD student 2013-2013, PhD Student, UVA
Manish Bastakoti, BS Student 2012-2014, Resident, MedStar Washingtoh Hospital Center
Peng Xu, PhD, Post-doc 2012-2014, Research Associate, UVA
Kristopher Chain, BS, MS student 2011-2014, Science Teacher, Peabody School
*Jarrod A Call, PhD, Post-doc (NIH and AHA Post-doc fellowships) 2011-2014, Assistant Professor, University of Georgia
Austin Tang, High Sch Student 2014, Undergraduate Student, Rice University
Dakota Lee, Summer Student 2015, Admission Coordinator, Pre-Med Advisor at Atlantis
Xiaobin Chen, MD, Post-doc 2014, Chief, Xiangya Hospital, Central South University, China,
Rhianna C Laker, PhD, Post-doc 2011-2015, Scientist, MedImmune, Maryland
Jiuzhi Zhang, MD, Post-doc 2015-2016, Chief, Dalian Medical Univeristy 1st Affliate Hospital, China,
*Henan Zhao, MD, PhD, Post-doc 2015-2016, Associate Professor, Dalian Medical University, China,
Patrick Talkington, BS Student 2016, RF Engineer at SRC
Hunter Bass, BS Student 2016,
Jiahuan Deng, BS Student 2016, Student at Liberty University
Joshua Lambeth, BS Student 2016, Software Engineer at Harris Corporation
Lucia M Leitner, Visiting PhD student, 2016, Post-doc, Max F Perutz Laboratories
Sara E Prysi, Summer Student, 2016, Undergraduate Student, Washington and Lee University
Bevan M Lewellen, BS student, 2014-2017, Unknown
Carleigh C Fisher, BS student, 2014-2017, Medical Student, Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine
Rebecca J Wilson, PhD student (AHA Pre-doc fellowship) 2011-2017, Post-doc, Duke University
Devrick Thomas, PhD student, 2017, PhD Student, UVA
*Di Cui, PhD student and Post-doc (China Overseas Scholarship) 2015-2017, Assistant Professor, Hunan University
Matthew Ritger, MD/PhD Student, 2017, MD/PhD Student, UVA
Campbell B Ross, BS Student 2017, High School Coach, Washington DC
Harrison L Boyce, BS Student 2017, Volunteer, UVA
Alexander G. Baker, BS Student 2018, Unkown
Paul Girgis, BS Student 2018,
Maya Dorn, Summer Student 2018, Undergraduate Student, Wesleyan University
Tatiana Coverdell, PhD Student 2018, PhD Student, UVA
Kevin Wen, Undergraduate Student, 2019, Undergraduate Student, UVA
Kian Huang, High School Student, 2019, High School Student, James Madison High School
*Joshua C. Drake, Post-doc, 2013-2019, Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech
Ira Rosner, High School Student, 2019, Undergraduate Student, Georgia Tech
Lindsay Irwin, Undergradaute Student, 2019-2020, Undergraduate Student, UVA
Abel Ruiz, Undergradaute Student, 2019-2020, Undergraduate Student, UVA
Yuntian Guan, Technician and PhD Student 2017-present, PhD Student, UVA
Wenqin (Grace) Shen, MS, PhD Student (China Overseas Scholarship) 2018-
Hannah Spaulding, PhD, Post-doc (NIH T32 Post-doctoral Fellowship) 2019-
Robert (RJ) Shute, PhD, Post-doc (NIH T32 Post-doctoral Fellowship) 2019-

*Academic faculty position

"上醫治未病 Superior doctors prevent the disease, mediocre doctors treat the disease before evident, inferior doctors treat the full-blown disease."-----Huangdi Neijing (2600 BCE) First Chinese Medical Text