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DNA protocols
Competent cells (DH5a and BL21)
Competent cells (JM109)
DNA Isolation for generation of transgenic mice  DNA isolation from agarose gel
DNA isolation from acrylamide gel
Ethanol precipitation of DNA
Genomic DNA isolation
Nanodrop for nucleic acid concentration
Primer design for DNA sequencing
Recombinant DNA Data Sheet
Strategy for adding epitope tag

RNA protocols
Primer design for semi-quantitative RT-PCR
Total RNA Isolation from skeletal muscle

Protein protocols
Bio-Rad RC DC protein assay
Cytochrome c (ELISA)

Protein carbonylation (in test tube)
Protein carbonylation (on membrane)

Tissue fractionation by differential centrifugation

Blood protocols
ALT assay
BUN assay
LDH assay
Plasma DNA preparation
Plasma preparation

Cell culture and tissue work protocols
Ca2+ challenge assay for mitochondria
Cytochrome c release from isolated mitochondria
Glucose uptake assay in isolated muscles
Live-dead assay by PI staining

Mitochondrial respiration in C2C12 myotubes
Mitochondrial triglyceride in skeletal muscle

Tissue incubator maintenance

Capillary density analysis
EdU labeling and staining
Gel image quantification
Fiber type analysis
Imaging MitoTimer in MitoTimer TG mice
Image quantification using Scion Image
Immunofluorescence for cultured myotubes
Immunocytochemical labeling and FIRM
Measure and calculate lung open space
MitoTracker staining of cultured myotubes

Oil Red O staining for skeletal muscle
Oil Red O staining for cultured myotubes
SDH staining for muscle sections
TEM for cultured cells
TEM for Drosophila
TEM for tissues
TEM image acquisition
Tissue fixation for H&E
Tissue whole mount immunostaining
Wetern blot quantification by ImageJ

Animal procedures
Anesthesia, glucose and insulin calculation
Animal care and use protocol
Aurora muscle function protocol
Crossbreeding scheme
CSQ mice breeding
Electrocal stimulation parameters
Echo machine right panel map
EchoMRI body composition measurement
Force transducer calibration
Force transducer calibration for WBT
Glucose tolerance test

Glucose uptake in different tissues in vivo

How to import/export mice
Intramuscular cardiotoxin injection
LPS injection for endotoxemia
Measurement of O2 consumption for Drosophila
Mouse BP
Mouse CLP
Mouse ECG
Mouse Echo
Mouse Echo Data Sheet
Mouse Echo Calculation
Sciatic Nerve Denervation
Somatic gene transfer in FDB
Streptozocin injection
STZ injection (low dose)
Tail cuff blood pressure
Tamoxifen Injection
Treadmill running test for mice
Treadmill running test distance calculation table

Treadmill running distance calculator
Voluntary running for mice
Weightlifting cage calibration
Weightlifting cage set up table
Weightlifting for mice
Whole body tension test
Whole body tension test calibration

Human procedures
Human blood and umbilical cord DNA extreaction

Interactome analysis

Antibody information

Make ddH2O
Solution Receipe and Protocols

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"上醫治未病 Superior doctors prevent the disease, mediocre doctors treat the disease before evident, inferior doctors treat the full-blown disease."-----Huangdi Neijing (2600 BCE) First Chinese Medical Text