Chongzhi Zang Lab  


BIOC8145: Bioinformatics and Functional Analysis of Genomes

Spring 2020 Lectures: Analysis of ChIP-seq data

Lecture 1: ChIP-seq overview and data analysis strategy: [Video] [Slides]

Lecture 2: ChIP-seq data analysis: QC and peak calling: [Video] [Slides]

Lecture 3: ChIP-seq data integration and interpretation: [Video] [Slides]

PHS5705 / BIMS8075 / BIOC5705: Recent Advances in Public Health Genomics

Spring 2020 Lecture: The epigenome: Transcription factors and histone modifications

Spring 2017 Lecture: The Epigenome: Tools

ChIP-Seq Data Analysis Workshop (NIH, May 2016)

Lecture slides: Analyzing ChIP-seq data with SICER

Last modified: April 8, 2020